Join the team! Evaluation of SD Unified’s Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement (ESGR)

Dear SOLES Community,

Dr. James Fabionar is leading an evaluative research study of the San Diego Unified School District’s recently implemented high school ethnic studies graduation requirement (ESGR). He is currently recruiting a research team of interested SOLES students, staff, and faculty to share in this work.

This semester, we will be launching the study and conducting a needs assessment with key stakeholders in the district. There will be opportunities for interviewing, data analysis, and reporting specifically on the first two research questions:

  1. How is ethnic studies operationalized in the design and implementation phases?
  2. How do stakeholder groups view successful design and implementation of the ESGR?

If you are interested in collaborating on this project, please view this brief presentation and complete this interest form to provide us with more information about you and your goals. We will be hosting two live info sessions on Monday, 9/28 from 4-5PM and Friday, 10/2 from 4-5PM where we will provide a detailed orientation to the project design; talk about timeline, roles, and responsibilities; and invite folks to sign up for research activities. Please contact James Fabionar directly at if you have any questions.

With care,

Kay Flewelling
Research Assistant

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