Testing Support

The Department of Learning and Teaching (DLT) is committed to providing our candidates with an exceptional level of support, and we understand that passing certification exams is a crucial step in the path to becoming a teacher. That’s why we’re pleased to partner with Teachers Test Prep, the nationwide leader in credentialing exam preparation, to provide our eligible candidates with online support for the CSET and CBEST examinations. These services include free practice tests, instant diagnostics, and study guide overviews. We will also receive reporting on your use of the features and your diagnostic results, allowing us to help give you the support you need for success. 

Teachers Test Prep Partnership

To get started, please submit the Test Prep Support Form to request that an account be created on your behalf, so that you may utilize free practice tests and diagnostics to determine if you are in need of prep.

Once your account is created, you will receive an email from Teachers Test Prep with directions on how to log in and access your Free Diagnostics. Please choose the test(s) you will be taking and take your version 1 practice test(s). If you would like a walk-through of how to use these features, please watch their Free Diagnostics User Guide video.

After you complete your free practice test(s), you will receive an instant diagnostic breakdown. If your likelihood of passing is borderline or below, you may elect to purchase additional support. Core Plus Online Prep support may be purchased through the department and at our special contracted price.

About Core Plus Online Prep: Core Plus Online Prep gives you six months access to a robust set of study features, including engaging instructional videos and interactive practice tests. If you would like a visual walk-through of all the study features included in this program, please watch their Core Plus User Guide video.

To learn more about the prep resources available and to see general info about the exams, visit the CSET and CBEST test info pages on the Teachers Test Prep website.

San Diego County Office of Education Testing Preparation

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) provides programs that address pre-service preparation, advanced teacher credentials and authorizations, and professional learning for educators. These programs have been developed in response to requests from districts across San Diego County and the state.