SOLES RA & GA Opportunities

[This information is from an email sent by Dr. Joi Spencer, Interim Dean for SOLES, on Wednesday, September 9th.]

Dear Students,

Welcome again to the 2020-2021 school year.

Please find the current list of GA/RA openings across SOLES.

Participating in research with faculty is an important part of the graduate student journey and I encourage you to apply.  As you review these opportunities, you will note that the SOLES faculty is engaged in numerous, exciting studies and projects.

Please also note that it is our goal is to provide a transparent, open application process so that all SOLES students have equal access to GA & RA opportunities. Towards this goal, if you have held a position in the past, you are asked to re-apply. I sincerely hope that you have had a great start to the semester.

All the best for a successful school year!

Thank you,

Joi Spencer, PHD
Interim Dean and Professor
School of Leadership and Education Sciences
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Room 205H
University of San Diego
Phone: (619) 260-4540

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