CERC Monday, August 17th Update

Emotions, Learning, and the Brain: Exploring the Educational Implications of Affective Neuroscience, Norton Professional BooksAuthor Mary Helen Immordino-Yang—two points.

One, emotions are powerful motivators of learning.                                                                Two, meaningful thinking and learning are inherently emotional because we only think deeply about things we care about.
Together, these insights suggest that educators must find ways to leverage the emotional aspects of learning.

Making Time for Reflective Practice
Jotting down short notes after every lesson helps teachers contemplate what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve their skills. By John Kamal, August 11, 2020.     https://www.edutopia.org/article/making-time-reflective-practice

School-Connect: Optimizing the High School Experience
A program for boosting students’ social, emotional and academic skills.

It’s how you compute it. Share this video about doing the “math” –your students will enjoy it—so will you.

Edward DeRoche, Ph.D.
Character Education Resource Center, Director

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