In the counseling "flow"

As the 2014 school year begins, I am so excited for the opportunities ahead.  Not only will I be starting practicum this year (so scary AND exciting!), but I will also be traveling abroad to Bali with the Risk and Trauma class as well as beginning an influential project with several other counseling students researching therapeutic treatments for PTSD.  These opportunities are so exciting, and remind me why I am in this field.  For the first time in several years, I feel truly passionate about the work I am doing.  I feel a desire to learn, an urge to help, and a zest for life.  While I have always seen myself as a “helper”, I find that I  feel more and more fulfilled by this role and the important work we do to assist others.
As I’ve studied Positive Psychology over intercession, it has become ever-so-clear to me why I have such excitement about this helping role and my profession: because it IS my “flow”.  Studies have shown that the happiest people are those who practice acts of kindness for others, count their blessings, savor the moment, and practice activities that truly engage themselves.  By engaging myself in my passions, I’ve have grown in happiness and fulfillment both personally and professionally.  It seems that I have found my “flow” in SOLES, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided.  I can’t wait to begin the projects, learning, helping, and growing that will come in this year: 2014, here I come!

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