CMHC—first year

When contemplating what to write about for my first blog, I really struggled.  I haven’t done any trips abroad yet, and I have only completed one semester in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program.  I feel like I’m just now getting the hang of things, feeling fully comfortable, knowing my way around campus, and forming some valuable friendships.  So I thought to myself, “What experience has really stood out in your program so far?”
In answering this question, what has stood out to me the most is the assistance I’ve received from professors in relation to class questions, details of the program, issues concerning licensure, and even their thoughtfulness about things in my personal life (such as asking how my trip home was after spring break).  The time that I recall most vividly was when I met with a professor to discuss licensure in a different state.  He went over all the details with me, gave me references and websites to contact in order to ensure that once I graduate, I have fulfilled all the necessary requirements for my home state.  Because I know nothing about this process, his assistance made me feel secure, and I truly appreciate that he spent the time going over this process, especially because licensure is still several years away for me.  I could tell that my professor truly cared about me, and my path as a future counselor.  What better way to teach this caring quality than to practice it in your everyday life?
To get to know Maggie a bit better, check out her student profile on the SOLES website.

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