A message to the incoming Fall 2020 SOLES graduate students

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A blog post by MA in Marital and Family Therapy Student Ambassador Kristina Sandler

Hello, incoming graduate students!!!!

As you’re beginning to get settled into transitioning to graduate courses, whether it is from undergrad or some time off from school, I want to be the first to welcome you and remind you that any nervousness you may have is entirely normal!

This year might be tougher than you would have assumed before; however, USD staff has prepared tremendously to be able to provide their highest level of teaching via zoom. I know this may not have been the thought about starting graduate classes via zoom, but if I could tell you one thing is that you will get through it and learn just as much! Remember, you are the one learning, and as much as you put into your courses, that’s what you will get in return. 

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I highly recommend finding a space you will enjoy sitting at as well as have snacks to keep you going! Create a special space dedicated to yourself and your classes/studying. Decorate it, put your favorite snacks near you, get a comfy chair, and have an open mindset! It may get tough, but you’re already in the program of your choice! Remind yourself this is only going to make you stronger before you enter the profession of your choosing. These days, everything is online— technology is the top thing in the country, so this is only fitting to have a semester via zoom! I hope everyone has an amazing fall semester! 

– Kristina Sandler

2 thoughts on “A message to the incoming Fall 2020 SOLES graduate students

  1. I am still in the adjusting period and it still feels like I will never truly adjust but I know its just me trying to sabotage myself. The famous impostor syndrome. Thank you so much for sharing this note with us. Truly appreciate to know that we are all in this together.

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