End of Year One and the Start of Summer

I am amazed at how quickly the first year flies by.  A lot has changed since the first day of school: I’ve changed my research interests (and methodologies) at least twice, I’ve made some great friends, I’ve found a mentor, and transitioned from working in corporate to working as a graduate research assistant.  There are so many opportunities that come up throughout the year to learn and engage with others.  My big tip for anyone about to embark on their first year of the doc program is to be flexible and try out as many different things as possible to help you figure out what it is you have a passion for.  Doing so also lets you meet all kinds of different people and hear about their work.
Aside from the first year, summer is coming and I want to catch up on FUN.  So here’s a quick list of fun things to do in San Diego this summer (although with our typically sunny weather, you can probably do these activities year round):

  1. Balboa Park: you can stroll through plenty of museums and gardens and watch plays at the Old Globe Theater (which has an outdoor theater July-Sept).  On Tuesdays, San Diego residents can visit museums for free (the museums offer free admission on a rotating basis so check the park’s website first to see which ones offer on which week of the month).
  2. La Jolla: plenty of shops and places to eat in downtown La Jolla.  There’s also the cove nearby where you can picnic on the grass and go down to the smaller beaches to swim and hang out.
  3. Torrey Pines: great trails for hiking and a long stretch of beach to lay out or walk along the shore.  Del Mar is just north of Torrey Pines with places to eat and shop at.
  4. Temecula: an hour north of USD is Temecula Valley, Southern California’s wine country and has lots of wineries and restaurants to visit.
  5. Seaworld has summer nights from June 22-August 11, 2013 with nighttime shows.

I plan on going to these places this summer to decompress and relax before Year 2 begins.  I do have a long list of reading to do this summer (thanks to my summer and fall classes) but plan on doing that by the pool or at the beach.  Have a great summer everyone!

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