Making adjustments and getting settled

I can’t believe it’s already March, which means I’m halfway through my second semester at USD. I feel comfortable, confident, and ready to rock out whatever the rest of my program throws my way
But I definitely didn’t always feel this confident, this in control. This past June when I moved to San Diego I didn’t know what to expect from either the city or the USD SOLES program. The first day of classes started with the same familiar fears of going to the wrong room and of trying to make new friends. Luckily the SOLES staff and students helped make me feel comfortable right from the start, and in no time I was adjusted to my life in San Diego and at USD.
A couple of things that I wish I would have known that helped me adjust fairly quickly are:

  • Make connections with your classmates. The SOLES community is small enough that many of the people you have in one of your classes will probably be in at least one of your later classes. Embrace that and get to know them, and you’ll feel immediately more connected.
  • Talk to your professors. If you’re coming from a bigger university the concept of office hours or connecting to your professor may be foreign, but they are amazing resources and are always willing to help—all you have to do is ask.
  • Spend some non-class time on campus. As grad students who often live off campus and have other jobs/connections we don’t readily think of a college campus as a place to go if you don’t have to. But I encourage you to go there to study before class or on the weekends when you can. You’ll find yourself feeling more connected to the USD community and getting a feel for what a USD education is all about.

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-Maureen Taylor

March 2013

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