December + Graduate student = Finals!

December is a wonderful time of year! By the beginning of December, students are excited to spend time with family and friends, open gifts and rejoice in the fact that they have completed another semester. There is only one thing left to complete before these celebrations begin: finals! Here are 5 study tips for new graduate students to make their finals week successful!

  1. Plan ahead: There isn’t a worse feeling than being unprepared for a final. However, most graduate students play multiple roles (student, worker, parent, etc.) that sometimes they can’t fit everything they need to study for in one or two weeks. That is why it is always better to plan ahead. At the beginning of each semester, most professors will give you a schedule of the whole semester, that way you can start studying for finals whenever it works for you. Start early because you never know what else can come up!
  2. Self-care: The weeks leading up to finals can be stressful, so it is important to continue with your self-care practices. Get out there and do whatever makes you feel great! Don’t forget to eat right & SLEEP!
  3. Talk to your professors: Professors understand what it’s like to have a busy life (most are way busier than us). If you meet with your professors before finals week, they will most likely answer any questions you are confused about and let you know if your heading down they right path. However, don’t wait till the night before the final to email them.
  4. Study with classmates: I have always found that if I need some clarification on a subject, one of my classmates would have the answer and vice versa. It is especially helpful if you’re the type of person who likes to be quizzed. Your classmates are most likely studying as hard as you, so having each other’s support can help lower stress levels and create a cooperative classroom environment.
  5. Be YOU: Only you know what you need to feel prepared and successful! If you like studying in a quiet room with no distractions, then give yourself the right to do what you need!

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