Online Learning Tips

Highlighted Tips:

  • Establish a good work space. Find a quiet place with good internet connection, access to power and freedom from distraction. 
  • Eliminate distractions and stay present.
    • Use headphones for shared spaces.
    • Turn your cell phone off or place it on silent. 
    • Using applications like Cold Turkey and Freedom can help eliminate distractions by blocking apps or websites that tend to grab your attention like Facebook, Twitter or other social media. 
  • Practice time management and stay organized
    • Create a weekly schedule that you follow, designate certain hours for reading, completing assignments, watching lectures can be helpful. Blocking off time in your Google calendar can be a nice visual way to organize your time.
    • Use a new productivity tool like Trello, Microsoft To Do or simple use Tasks in the Google Suite.
  • Find the best time of learning that works for you. Once you’ve established where you’ll be learning, figure out when is the best time for learning is for you. If you’re a morning person, perhaps studying first thing is the right time for you. Are you a night owl? Set aside some time after dinner for study time.
  • Explore your resources. Utilize the free online resources provided by the Copley Library and textbook links on our Library, Textbook and Writing Resources page.
  • Actively communicate. If you’re having trouble in a class, make sure you talk to your professor. Adjusting to online learning can be a process. If you’re having issues attending class because of time zone conflicts, communicate with your professors. Our Kroc School professors are accommodating all student needs.