Taking Electives Outside of the Kroc School

Kroc School students from the MAPJ, MASI and MS-CMR programs are able to take up to 6 units outside of the Kroc School.

Electives are chosen in consultation with your faculty advisor.

According to the Kroc School Graduate Registration Procedures, to take a class outside of the Kroc School, you must obtain approval from:

  • Your faculty advisor
  • The instructor of the course
  • Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Frances Laviscount (flaviscount@sandiego.edu)

Once you have received all approvals, you may forward the email chain or attach a copy of it to the One Stop Student Center at onestop@sandiego.edu and they will register you for the course.

Please see the specific guidelines for the following schools:

School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES)

Approved SOLES Electives for Intersession, Spring and Summer 2024

How can I find out the course details such as the meeting times, course description, etc.?

  1. Log in to the MySanDiego Portal with your USD credentials
  2. Navigate to My Academics under Torero Hub on the left-side navigation menu
  3. Click on “Search for Classes” under the My Registration section
  4. Select the Term and press continue
  5. Select Leadership Studiesin the Subject field and click Search
  6. You’ll want to change the number of classes displayed on each page to 50.
  7. Scroll down to the 500-level courses.
  8. If you click on the course name, you can see the class details, course description, course meeting times, prerequisites, etc.

If you are interested in taking a course at SOLES, you would need to follow this process:

  1. Consult with your faculty advisor about your elective choices.
  2. During the open online registration period, you can attempt to add the class yourself in the MySanDiego Portal
    1. If it works, great!
      1. Now: Reach out to the instructor to introduce yourself and let them know what program you are in and why you want to take the class. This is to ensure that there are not any “hidden” prerequisites or experience expectations and that you will be set up for success!
    2. If registration is blocked, email Beth Garofalo, Academic Programs Manager for Leadership Studies, at bethg@sandiego.edu, to request permission and how to register. Registration may or may not ultimately be possible. She may need to put you in contact with an instructor, program director, or dean.

Knauss School of Business (KSB)

Approved MBA Electives for Non-Business Students

How can I check which approved MBA electives are available this semester? 

  1. Log into the MySanDiego Portal, go to Torero Hub in the left navigation menu, and then click on My Academics
  2. Click on “Search for Classes” under the My Registration section
  3. Select the Term and press continue
  4. Select Grad Business Administration in the Subject field
  5. Click Search
  6. Cross-list the results with the approved MBA electives list
  7. You can click on the course name to bring up course details such as the course description, prerequisites, etc.

I’m interested in registering for an MBA elective, how can I register?

  1. To request registration for one of the approved MBA electives, please email the KSB Student Success Center at KSBstudentsuccess@sandiego.edu.
  2. Be sure to include your Student ID, what degree program you belong to, the class’s course number and CRN.

*Approval to register is based on class availability and space.
**GSBA 500 prerequisite is waived for current USD graduate and law students.

Franciscan School of Theology (FST)

Approved Spring 2024 FST Courses

What FST courses are available for me to take?

All FST courses are available to Kroc students as electives. Take a look at the Spring 2024 course offerings. This page includes details like the course description, class meeting times, and the instructor.

I’m interested in registering for a FST course as an elective, how can I register?

Please contact Bianca Morales, Kroc School’s Associate Director for Student Success and Career Development at bmoralesegan@sandiego.edu to facilitate the process.