Intersession 2024 Course Descriptions

KROC 524 Social Innovation Practicum: Local Option (3 units)(Cordeiro; Intersession 2024)

This field-based course provides students an opportunity to combine theory with practice in a dynamic blend of client-focused team projects, in-class learning, site visits and community research. During this course, students will apply social innovation strategies to real world need with a San Diego based nonprofit that is a foundation. The course will provide hand-on consulting opportunities for students. We will learn about all types of foundations with a deep emphasis on private foundations. The course will consist of two group projects. One project will examine how a private family foundation, with a focus on microfinance, can become an operating foundation. The second group project will identity what needs to be included in the foundation’s new website—content, design and functionality.

KROC 524 Social Innovation Practicum: Rwanda (3 units)(Choi-Fitzpatrick; Intersession 2024)

This course provides an opportunity for students to explore the real-world application of concepts explored in the classroom. In particular, we will explore social innovation and social change through the case of socio-economic transformation in post-conflict Rwanda. Together we will meet with experts on the region and on the country’s efforts to leapfrog from an agricultural to an information-based economy. The course content thus relies on, and cut across, key concepts in both peace studies and in social innovation. In particular, we will examine the complex relationship between conflict and innovation, especially in light of enduring puzzles related to socio-economic development.

KROC 592 WKSH: Creativity, Peace & Social Change (1 unit)(Fryer; Intersession 2024)

Purely trying to address conflict and social change on an intellectual level is destined to fall short. This workshop will explore how creative approaches to peace, conflict and social change both highlight and help address those limitations. Innovation is rooted in creativity. Examples of how this can have a positive impact on social problems can be found around the world. This workshop will critique and explore such arts-based methodologies and locate them within existing and emerging theoretical frameworks. Students will be invited to reflect on how they can incorporate such approaches into their own areas of interest.