Prototyping: Internships & Fellowships 2/5/24

ORGANIZATION Position Deadline More Info
USAID Career Pathways Internship Program USAJOBS URL:– Medical and Health Student Trainee /Engineering and Architecture Student Trainee. 


USAJOBS URL:– Gen Student /HR Management /Admin & Office Support Trainee


USAJOBS URL:– Financial Management Student Trainee/ Acquisition and Assistance Student Trainee 


USAJOBS URL:– Information nnd Art Student Trainee /Information Technology Student Trainee. 


USAJOBS URL:– Social Science Student Trainee (Personnel Psychologist) 

6 days after posting Make a profile in the positions posted on Monday 2/5/24!  Only 6 days to apply! See notes for more information.
USAID- Habitat for Humanity Research Fellowship Humanitarian Shelter & Settlements program Research Fellowship February 29, 2024 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us at

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