Writing Reflection (Showers)

The circumstances in which a person sets out to produce a piece of work has a strong effect on both the content and the caliber of the final product. We have been  able to see this specifically in Bronowski and Woolf’s works. When one is in a more relaxed, comfortable, steady and safe setting, they are able to produce a piece with focus, organized, and that they have confidence in. Usually, one will even have more confidence in their works when writing in a familiar setting.

As we can see in the environment in which Bronowski worked, being at new places for the first time and having to speak on them, potentially took a toll on his health. There was a lack of familiarity and comfort for him, since he was consistent working and speaking on a brand new place that he was unfamiliar with. In contrast, when the book was written, we can see that his thoughts were still well produced, but we can see that it did not have a flow to it that allowed for an easy read.

Virginia Woolf mostly wrote on the circumstances of producing successful works and the keys to success for writers. She was steadfast in her opinion that one needs a room of one’s own-privacy, alone time, comfort of ones own room and a lack of distractions. I agree to some extent, however, I do not believe that someone needs 100% privacy to produce good works. In my opinion, as long as one feels comfort in where they are they will feel more confident and produce better pieces of writing.

This argument, that comfort and familiarity allows for better-produced work, can be seen in my processes of writing in both Scalar and Microsoft Word. Although Scalar had some more technologies, such as paths, allowing to easily input photos, and the footnoting process, it was new and unfamiliar. Trying to write in Scalar and figure out the entire process was a bit confusing, and it had an effect on my writing and comfort level in producing my final response.  However, writing in Word is familiar and easier process for me. This allowed me to feel confident in my work due to feeling comfortable when writing it.

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