Reflection [Vretzos]

The circumstances in which you write in directly affect your writing. When doing our project in scalar, us students were dealing with unfamiliarity. Due to the unfamiliarity, people will begin to get frustrated and develop an irritated mindset. Just as Woolf says in A Room of One’w Own, anger and bitterness will hold oneself back from producing the best writing they can. Although, I was not writing a novel and just a couple hundred words in scalar, it still did affect my writing in some type of way. Another situation of how circumstances can affect your writing is Clark and Brownowski’s pieces, specifically Brownowski. Though both of their pieces were filmed before translated into writing, Brownowski’s experience of seeing all the places he’s dreamed of for the first showed in his writing — the amazement and admiration all appearing throughout his piece. When we wrote our most recent essay using Microsoft word, it allowed us to be more knowledgable about the software, thus easing our frustration when writing. Us students have been raised throughout our years in school using this tool and have become so familiar and comfortable with it that it allows us to put our thoughts on the paper without the extra frustration we got from other writing websites. We know how to use all the tools in Microsoft word, especially the use of word count. One major thing that caused an issue with our previous use of scalar was the lack of a word count tool, which is extremely helpful when we are given a word count minimum for every piece we produce. As Woolf discusses, in order to write well you need to have a free mind and have no distractions. These two conditions directly correlate to how great your writing will be.

Overall, all of these topics relate and show exactly how one’s circumstances affect one’s writing.

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