Reflection [Dawson]

Clark and Bronowski both use the medium of a television series to convey their ideas and knowledge, this video series allowed them to take advantage of the creative freedom allowed by film. They traveled to different sites all around the world, they used reenactment clips from actors to emphasize ideas and they used pictures of important objects and people to connect them to their main argument. This medium allowed them to engage with their audience and it allowed for them to take many creative liberties that books do not facilitate.

Woolf also used a specific medium, “A Room of One’s Own” was originally a speech that she gave on the topic of women in fiction. Arguably, the spoken version of her work would have had very different effects on the audience that the printed version would. When something is given as a speech, usually it is filled with passion and I think that in Woolf’s case, this is very true. As an audience, hearing Woolf speak on women in literature and how she developed her fictional story to do so, would have resonated so much more than reading it in a book.

You can see how circumstances and medium affect writing, Clark and Borkowski brought something new to a subject that I think one can argue is a bit dry, they took something they truly loved and made it enjoyable and interesting to watch. Woolf too used her medium to connect to audiences, the speech format of “A Room of One’s Own” helps her audience understand and connect to what she is saying. This idea of medium and circumstance being important is something I can understand, because I’ve learned sometimes you have to change your medium to go along with your message and also I have come to realize that your writing changes depending on many things, how early you start, how much uninterrupted time you have, and how interested in your topic you are. It’s clear from looking at Clark, Bronowski, and Woolf that these all played parts when they created their presentations.

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