A Room of One’s Own [Stephen]

Virginia Woolf, in her extended essay, “A Room of One’s Own”, mentions that in order to write, one must have at least €500 and a room all to oneself. I believe Woolf’s requirements for writing apply to a majority of people. For me personally, I can write the best when I have complete silence around me and a laptop in front of. When I write, I lock myself in my room and turn off anything that may distract me, whether that be my phone or music that is playing in the background. In doing so, I help myself to focus and clearly convey my ideas onto paper. This follows Woolf’s suggestion of one needing their own personal room. Writing in a hectic environment can distract any writer and cause them to not write as well as they possibly could have if they did have privacy. Another component that I need to write effectively is a laptop. Writing with a pencil and paper is a tedious task for me. I always have to rearrange sentences and add new words to my writing that it becomes to much of a hassle for me to constantly erase sentences and move them to their proper place. The need for a computer goes hand in hand with Woolf’s claim of needing €500. Woolf is suggesting one must have a steady amount of income coming through in order to write successfully. Having my own personal laptop signifies that my family is financially stable and can afford to make such a purchase. Although her idea of what the money could have been used for at the time is different from what I use it for, the necessity of money still applies.

One thought on “A Room of One’s Own [Stephen]

  1. Im sure most would agree with what your are saying, as a quiet space is essential to writing. You did a great job of relating your needs with Woolf’s and applying them to your own circumstances with comparison to her time period.