A Room of One’s Own Reflection [Baghramian]

It is important for any writer, no matter their skill level, to be in a situation where they feel comfortable enough to concentrate on finding the right words to put on a page. The circumstances something is written under makes a great impact and can influence the content of a paper. Authors strategically choose a specific environment when beginning a new project in hopes of capturing the intended feelings a writer may desire in a piece of work. When Virginia Woolf talks about needing £500 and a room of one’s own, she is speaking in the time period where women were not expected to be anything more than housewives. For a woman to be able to have her privacy and be financially supported is all she would require in order to write about fiction, according to Woolf. My £500 and a room of my own would be having my own quiet space to think without any distractions. I tend to zone out at random moments and completely change my train of thought, so being somewhere that has a lot of commotion will not be of any help. Not only is the location of where I write important for me, but I also find it necessary to be in a positive state of mind. Writing becomes a much easier process when I am in the correct headspace as opposed to when im out of energy or stressed out. Words seem to flow much better and I am more engaged with what I am doing.

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