Nico Dennis – Reflection

The greatest circumstance that influences all writing is emotion. Bronowski, Clark and Woolf all shared a common and very obvious thread that drove the message of their writing. Each author was extremely passionate about their subject matter. In addition, they had years of experience in education and life that heavily influenced how they presented their subject. An essay that simply analyzes how an author utilizes this passion in their message will not have any personality of its own. I take my schoolwork very seriously, but I find myself lost trying to bring my own circumstances into a piece of writing where I am analyzing someone else’s. I learned, throughout middle and high school, that analyzing pieces of writing would follow a very austere model. This was troubling to me because I would be so excited by writing a piece about a subject I was incredibly passionate about. I looked for opportunity to intertwine my own emotion and experience into the argument of the essay. But when I use an essay to break down the style and circumstance of another person’s writing, all of my own perspective and interest is lost. Being able to understand the nuance of literature is crucial to being a well rounded student. But one thing that I have missed in my writing education is how to organize my own thoughts into a constructive essay that can inform or persuade my audience on a topic that is important to me. With that, Bronowski, Clark and Woolf all present their subjects from their own passion and experience. By analyzing this, I present no passion of my own but simply explore the ways they presented theirs.

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