Reflection [Marmolejo]

In the series of books Ascent of Man and Civilisation, Bronowski and Clark  address a topic that has been extensively discussed by other intellectuals. How “uncivilized” people thousands of years ago rose to be the same individuals from that of our contemporary society gives space for a wide array of discussion points, in which their personal opinions become increasingly relevant. Their TV and book series allows them to depict a chronological process with images that undoubtedly provide them with much stronger evidence to support their overly discussed and prone-to- criticism arguments. To the contrary, Woolf makes usage of a typical book to effectively explain her personal experiences and background and how those two factors affected what she decided to write. Virginia did not use any pictures to portray her argument but rather used her credibility of being able to speak because of the circumstances she was facing; through that medium it became clear that she only wanted to bring awareness and inform of how her intellectual time period shaped ours.

When I worked with Scalar to do the Bronowski and Clark project, I felt the necessity to equally divide the importance of the material that I needed to include, although some aspects might have been more heavily weighted than others. I was worried with the project as a whole, like including pictures and footnotes, and for that reason I definitely felt that I was focusing more on the technical skills of the program rather than the actual importance of the writing. With Word, the process of writing came much more natural since I was familiar with the program. It allowed me to focus more on the writing, in which I could include better content and expand on my ideas while putting emphasis on the structure, rather than on the technical skills.

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