Reflection [Baghramian]

Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own in comparison with Clark and Bronowski’s works produce different effects on the readers as they each use a different type of media to reach their audiences. Virginia Woolf’s essay seems much more personal and offers the reader an insight into the minds of women during that era and how they viewed their position in society. Clark and Bronowski however convey their information through both paper and television, adding further visual representations. Since their works consist of a lot of information about all the different historical places and the works of art, seeing pictures or videos while the text is being presented on screen offers a much clearer understanding and an easier method to better remembering what was discussed.

Using both scalar and microsoft word, I felt that these platforms were appropriatley ¬†incorporated in order to comment on each authors’ work. Scalar was great for dividing the different sections of information and presenting one component at a time. It also kept everything organized and made pictures a more significant part of the paper. I decided to first write my paper on microsoft word and then transfer it to scalar, which allowed me to see it represented in both forms. Because Woolf’s¬†A Room of One’s Own is an essay, microsoft word was the better choice. As the strength of the paper lied solely on the text itself, the addition of other elements such as pictures or videos would disrupt the reader’s focus on the actual content of the paper.

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