Medium Reflection (Nesbet)

After writing essays in WordPress, Scalar, and Word, it has become very clear that the circumstances in which one must write an essay does play a large effect in their writing.  When using familiar formats such as Word, the writer doesn’t really have to think too much about how to put together the final piece.  However, when using unfamiliar formats such as Scalar, the writer has to worry about all of these additional elements such as inserting footnotes or making a table of contents.  The different circumstances may not completely change one’s writing, but it will certainly have some sort of noticeable effect.

This is true for writers back in historical times as well, as their circumstances have ranged from ancient papyruses to frustrating typewriters.  While people in this day and age can sit down and easily type away on their laptops, the same was certainly not true for authors many years ago.  Several things, such as not being able to backspace on a typewriter, cause limitations for these older writers that modern-day authors do not have to worry about.  Now, while it is true that the works of these historical writers would supposedly be the same if it was just placed onto another format, it definitely needs to be considered that their mentality would be different if they were to realize the expansive list of opportunities that modern-day computers have.  In a similar way, if a famous writer from today’s world were to be given the same circumstances that one had many years ago, they would surely be faced with many more difficulties.  Overall, the circumstances behind an author’s writing may not completely change their work, but the limitations that were either present or not certainly had some sort of effect on their writing.

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