A Room of One’s Own [Mostafavi]

In the essay, “A Room of One’s Own,” Virginia Woolf highlights the factors which are needed to write well: a room with a lock on the door and 500 pounds of money a year. A room with a lock on the door protects one from distractions; privacy and freedom to think blocks out fear and bitterness. Woolf demonstrates the significance of a room with a lock through the character Jane Austin. She was constantly distracted. Recurrently, her family would interrupt her work and she was under the circumstance of hiding her work whenever someone else appeared. Thus, she could not keep her focus strictly on her writing due to the fear and distractions she faced. Furthermore, Woolf develops the significance of having money, and in particular, 500 pounds of money a year. Quite often, extremely talented writers were neglected the opportunity to showcase their work. However, having money could provide more opportunities to present their work and be recognized for it. Throughout her essay, Woolf demonstrates that the conditions of writing affect writing, and specifically, a room with a lock on the door and 500 pounds of money a year are key essentials to writing effectively.

Every writer has particular conditions which help them write better. For instance, one major factor that helps me write more effectively is writing in a room alone. As Woolf mentioned, this helps me feel free of any distractions. When I am alone, no one can disrupt my train of thought. Additionally, I prefer to play music. Typically, I also play instrumental music to avoid becoming distracted by the lyrics in songs. The instrumental music keeps me upbeat and motivates me during the writing process. Writing in a room alone while playing background music softly are factors which help me write better. My preferences while writing and Woolf’s beliefs about the necessities to write well ultimately underscore that various conditions can affect how well one writes.

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