A Room of One’s Own [Dawson]

To Virginia Woolf, 500 pounds and a room of one’s own are absolute necessities to any woman writer. Her thesis is recurring throughout her essay; through all of her evidence and the many examples she provides, she creates clear reasoning as to why a writer needs 500 pounds and their own room. Woolf argues that without someplace removed from the distractions of society, where a writer can go to create and practice, their emotions mix into their work and spoil what she believes could be true poetry. Woolf explains how, because women’s lives were not their own and because the were confined to their situations not of their own choosing, their work was interrupted or they allowed their anger to spoil the poetry or the novels that they attempted to write. I think as a writer, being somewhere removed from society, away from distractions and opinions, it is easier to allow yourself to write exactly what you need, with no one to interrupt or shape your own creative process. It is easier to allow your ideas to form on paper exactly as they are in your head. The money is a helpful extra, 500 pounds is nowhere near enough to live on in this day and age but it is a cushion against the fear of never having enough and if that 500 pounds came every month, then I think that one could find a way to live very simply. Woolf’s thesis is not pretentious or overreaching; Rather, it is the sound belief of a woman who understands the benefits of money and one’s own space in fostering the creative process of writing. 

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