Maria F. Marmolejo

Hello everyone! As shown in the title my name is Maria F. Marmolejo Rubio and I am from Imperial Beach, California. I am really excited to be here at USD and I love meeting people who come from different places and have a diverse set of experiences. In high school I joined folklorico; which is a vast array of Mexican traditional dances from the different states in the country, each with its very unique way of dancing. From last year I realized that I definitely want to join folklorico here at USD. Aside from that, I also enjoy having a good time with family and friends, going to new places, and reading books. I also look forwards to being a leader at this university and be heavily involved in contemporary issues I want to address. What I hope to get out of FYW 150 this semester is to have a broader perspective of the different writing styles and genres and how each one of them is used to effectively convey the message the author originally intended. I also hope to get more insight of new ways to innovate and integrate my writing techniques with the new ones I will be learning and that way really intrigue audiences with a unique and influential writing style.

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  1. Hi Maria! I am also excited about being a leader on this campus. I plan on joining a variety of clubs to become and active community member on this campus. I believe that college does not have to solely revolve around education but also participation. I can’t wait to see how this class with you will turn out by the end of the year!