Exploring The Intersections of a Transborder Identity Seminar

“Being Transfronteriza for me means being someone who belongs and navigates two places, culturally and physically.” – Vanessa Flores (TSAP)

About this Event

Join the Transborder Student Ally Program (TSAP) for a training focused on Transfronterizx students in higher education from the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.

This training will be centered on exploring the intersections of a transborder identity for Transfronterizx college students by identifying the psychosocial factors that influence their identity through scholarly literature and a Transfronterizx student panel.

In this session, photovoice research will be presented and training participants will be invited to apply Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to explore the intersections of a transborder identity with Transfronterizx scholars, student affairs educators, and student leaders from the San Diego-Tijuana and Tucson-Nogales border regions.

Location: Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Room 127

Fee: $20
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