DLT Spring 2020 San Diego & Tijuana Border Immersion Trips     

SOLES Global Requirement
Spring 2020 San Diego & Tijuana Border Immersion Trips

San Diego

  • Saturday, February 8th 8am-5pm

Orientation: Sat. 02/08 8am (SLP 320)


  • Saturday, February 15th 8am-8pm*

Orientation: Sat. 02/15 8am (SLP 320)

*Please note that arrival time from Tijuana Immersions varies depending on how long it takes to cross the border. All U.S. citizens age 16 or older must present a valid U.S. passport or passport card to enter Mexico and re-enter the U.S.  If you are not a U.S. citizen, be sure to bring your passport, visa and appropriate documents. 

Registration Steps:

  1. Registration starts Monday, January 27. Register using this LINK by Thursday, January 30th at 5pm. Space is limited. Graduating students will be given priority.
  2. Submit $100 payment within 24 hours of your online registration at the front desk in Maher 218; the office is open 9am-5pm. (Please pay in time to ensure your space. Please let us know (mkalyanpur@sandiego.edu or srodriguez@sandiego.edu) if you will not be able to participate, so we can offer your space to waitlisted students. No refunds will be given for notification after 5 pm, Wednesday, February 5. This fee covers costs for the community partners. None of this payment accrues to DLT/SOLES.)
  3. Submit a copy of your passport along with your payment in Maher 218.

Requirements for Participation:

  • Complete registration steps
  •  Attend Orientation (see date, time and location above)

About the SOLES Global Requirement:

Attendance to both trips, along with orientation and de-briefing sessions and a written reflection, fulfills 20 hours of your Global requirement. 

Background Information: The Tijuana-San Diego border region is slowly turning into a single metropolitan area of over 3 million inhabitants.  The unique economic, political, and social characteristics of this region offer tremendous learning opportunities; particularly under the current political climate. Through border immersion trips, we create spaces for the Tijuana and San Diego communities to gather, learn from each other and build sustainable relationships of growth and understanding.

Community Engagement Responsibilities/Activities: Students will spend the day with community partners in Tijuana or San Diego. Special emphasis will be made on the experience of youth who reside in the border region, particularly regarding their experience in the K-12 education system. Active participation facilitating workshops and activities for youth is required, more details to be explained at orientation sessions. Learning and growth result from building relationships and engaging with individuals who have experienced first-hand the opportunities and struggles of life in a border region.

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