Sleep Week

Sleep tips

December 9th-13th is USD’s Sleep Week! Watch the Grad Life social media stories throughout the week for sleep facts, tips, and resources to improve your sleep.

Helpful tips about sleep and managing stress, and USD resources:

  • SLEEP DURATION- Getting 7-8 hours each night optimizes cognitive functioning, memory, test-taking ability, and emotional well-being. When students take time for sleep, they are more likely to get a better GPA than those who replace sleep with studying.
  • SLEEP SCHEDULE- Developing a consistent schedule makes it much easier to feel fully rested and adjust to different demands.
  • SLEEP PREPARATION- Do something relaxing before bed and turn off the electronics!
  • ORGANIZE & PRIORITIZE- Think ahead and work realistically. Don’t forget to schedule breaks to give your brain a rest!
  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR PHYSICAL NEEDS- Exercise regularly, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and eat healthy and balanced foods.
  • SEEK SUPPORT- Studying in groups or asking a friend to study with you may be helpful and encourage you all to keep yourselves accountable. Peer coaches and professional counselors are also available.

USD Resources:

  • Counseling Center, Sts. Tekakwitha and Serra Hall 300, (619) 260-4655
  • Student Health Center, Maher Hall 140, (619) 260-4595
  • Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, University Center 161, (619) 260-4618
  • Center for Student Success, University Center 114, (619) 260-5995

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