My International Exposure

A blog post by MA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management Student Ambassador Kirn Yochbed  Positive results are always at the forefront of our minds. In my case, I preferred negative results. The steps I took to fulfill the requirements of Continue reading

What Does your week look like? (Work, School, Family balance)

A blog post by PhD in Education for Social Justice Student Ambassador Tiffany Cunningham A week in the life of a teacher/mother/fiance/doctoral candidate is a bit chaotic – to say the least! But it is do-able, with a lot of flexibility.  The Continue reading

1st Semester Reflections of a Counseling Student

A blog post by MA in School Counseling Student Ambassador Billy Shyne  After working six years in the airline industry, I came into the School Counseling program at USD. Planes and people don’t necessarily require the same skillset, but I knew Continue reading

My Graduate Practicum Experience in School Counseling

A blog post by MA in School-based Clinical Counseling Student Ambassador Amanda Grassia  I recently began my practicum at Keiller Leadership Academy (KLA), a K-8 charter school that is part of the San Diego Unified school district. I work primarily with Continue reading

My Graduate Practicum Experience

A blog post by MEd in Curriculum and Instruction Student Ambassador Crystal Ryan  Starting the semester has been such a whirlwind. I had graduated from my undergrad in 2019, then the year of COVID-19 hit, and I was left to Continue reading

My Graduate Assistantship Experience

Photo of a sunset on campus

A blog post by MA in Higher Education Leadership Student Ambassador Monica Gonzalez “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”- Albert Einstein ¡Saludos! (Cheers!) My name is Monica Gonzalez. I am a first-year in the Master’s in Continue reading