My Graduate Practicum Experience in School Counseling

A blog post by MA in School-based Clinical Counseling Student Ambassador Amanda Grassia 

I recently began my practicum at Keiller Leadership Academy (KLA), a K-8 charter school that is part of the San Diego Unified school district. I work primarily with middle school students. In just a few weeks, I have witnessed immense growth and development in myself as a counselor. 

The hands-on experience I am getting with students has taught me so much. My supervisor is supportive, encouraging, and empowering. I am finally able to apply the knowledge and skills I have learned in class at USD, and things are finally starting to click! There is no better feeling than utilizing my education and skills when meeting with a student, and seeing the positive impact I have made.

I have had the opportunity to observe classroom instruction and IEP meetings, supervise a student-led mentor program, and will be teaching a lesson on emotions to 6th-grade students this week! In the coming months, I will lead students on a college visit, facilitate group counseling sessions, and plan my own classroom lessons. 

In addition to my supervisor and other counseling staff, I have received immense support, knowledge, and feedback from the 2nd year USD counseling students who are doing their fieldwork at KLA. They have been instrumental in getting me acquainted with the school, teachers, students, and campus. Overall, the sense of community, respect, and compassion for students and faculty that I have felt at the school is amazing, and makes me look forward to going to practicum in the counseling office every Wednesday and Friday!


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