Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A blog post from SOLES MA in Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student Ambassador, Camille Ramirez
This coming Spring 2018, I will be taking my last few remaining classes of the semester,
continuing the last half of my year-long Practicum at a severe mental illness clinic,
graduating with a Master’s Degree from a 3-year program at University of San Diego,
and hopefully be on my way to acquiring a career that I’ve dreamt about for many years.
Personally, it’s a lot to look forward to, and unfortunately, a lot to worry about as well.
Every new year, I look forward to the many possibilities and events that the year can
bring. Depending on the year, but especially this year, I feel an array of emotions
ranging from excitement to fear, and everything in between. I have lived in San Diego
for about 3 years now, after moving here from Los Angeles to attend USD and attain a
degree for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Honestly, these 3 years have been both
long and short, long in that there has been lots of growth, memories, and experiences
throughout, but also short in that it feels like the time just flew by. I’m excited to
graduate, but I am also frightened. Will someone hire me? What do I do now? Where do I
go next?
As I try to plan and prepare as best I can for what’s next, these thoughts naturally bring about concern, dread and fear. It’s my personal folly in worrying so much. But in the
midst of all this trepidation, I paradoxically find myself realizing the importance of
embracing the moment. Yes, later this year I would have to apply to many jobs, it won’t
be easy and I will be stressed, but right now, I am content with what I have already accomplished and that should be enough for now. I accept all these thoughts and
feelings; I learn from them but not have them hold me back. I have already learned so
much in these past years, but the best part is that I am constantly learning – with my peers, about my clients, about the magic of therapy, about myself. So while I naturally fall back on worrying about many things in life, I am thankful I am able to step back, take whatever life throws at me and take it all in. The future is unknown, but one thing is
certain, it all starts in the present.
Happy New Year and Good Luck to You in 2018!

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