International Experience: Japan

A blog post from SOLES MA in School Counseling Ambassador, Amy Liechty:

Hello – my name is Amy! I’m a first year student in the school counseling program at USD. Today I’m writing about a global studies trip to Japan with Dr. Erika Cameron.

The trip, the highlight of our course on human development, was the experience of a lifetime. Dr. Cameron, or as we like to call her, “DCam”, packed our days full of adventure. We attended university lectures, visited kindergarten classrooms, served the homeless, and even spent the day at an international high school. Between academic experiences, I also wandered the streets of Tokyo, discovered hidden sushi counters in Toyama, and stared in awe at the cherry blossoms blooming everywhere we looked.

Building relationships with the counselors and educators we met along the way really made the country come alive. Our conversations profoundly changed the way I think about human development and my work as a counselor. In particular, our experience abroad encouraged me to reflect on my ideas about parenting, group identity, and how we develop a sense of self.

A week later, I’m still mulling over these ideas. But, I know building a philosophy of human development and counseling is the work of a lifetime. Sometimes, seeing the world through new eyes is the best way to learn and grow. I am grateful to have inspiring peers and excellent professors to walk with me as I continue the journey in the U.S. and beyond.

Cherry Blossoms (1)

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