Life after SOLES

A blog post from SOLES MA in Leadership Studies Alumna and SOLES Ambassador, Jodi Austin:
In the fall of 2013, I embarked on a journey that forever changed the course of my life.   When I initially began the MA in Leadership Studies program, I believed I was giving myself a chance to open doors that would have otherwise remained closed. During my two years at SOLES, I not only opened doors, I experienced something money could not buy….a greater connection to myself and people around me. These connections help shape my life after SOLES.Jodi 1
Maintaining contact with my professional networks developed during my time at school has been critical to my success. Prior to beginning the program, I did not understand the benefits of maintaining these valuable connections; however it is important to have relationships with colleagues who share professional and possibly personal interests. The second important piece to life after has been maintaining my self-awareness. It is important to know when people, places, and things no longer serve a purpose in life. There is nothing worse than feeling stagnated, while in moving along this journey called life. The final part of my life after SOLES has been popping that bubble called the comfort zone. Being self-aware will aid in getting out of the comfort zone. Pushing my boundaries has helped me manage my creativity, strategize better, slow down and take calculated leaps. Leaving my comfort zone has not always been easy, but I would not have it any other way.Jodi 2
Another big part of my life after SOLES has been remaining active in the SOLES learning community. One of my favorite ways to remain active is by being a student ambassador. This allows me share my experience with potential students. I attend open houses and correspond with applicants answering any questions they may have about the SOLES programs. I also volunteer my time during fall semester serving a Senior Teaching assistant. Participating in this way allows me to remain in contact with students and faculty. Although, I miss being a student at the University of San Diego, I am grateful for the time I spent, the connections I made, and the ability to still be an active participant in the SOLES community.Jodi 3

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