5 Tips for Surviving the First Year of Graduate School

A blog post from SOLES Ambassador and MA in Counseling with specialization in School Counseling, Jenna Engler:
5 Tips for Surviving the First Year of Graduate School

  1. Get involved early! Step out of your comfort zone and go to a meeting that sounds interesting or one you read about in your email. It not only helps you adapt more quickly to grad life but helps you meet people from other programs at SOLES.
  2. Ask for help! If you are struggling with academics or adjustment to graduate school, you’re not alone. Make an appointment with your advisor and talk it out, or meet with the counseling staff at USD. The staff here is very supportive of your well-being so take advantage of all the support you have on campus.
  3. Set aside “me time.” It is extremely hard to find that time, especially if you are working. However, you need to find balance in your life. It’s not easy but self-care is extremely important. Plus, graduate school is more than just academics! Enjoy the experience and get the most out of what USD and San Diego has to offer.
  4. Renting textbooks before buying. Saves you tons of money and also gives you the option to buy it later. But do it early because if you wait (like I am relentless for doing) then the used copies could be sold out online and then you are left paying more – bummer!
  5. Become “one” with your planner. I am not one to plan ahead and I never liked using planners much in the past, but I have become “one” with my planner and it saves me a lot of headache. Extra tip: Target typically has them for $1 in the dollar section at the beginning of every school year. No need to spend $20 or more unless you want to.

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