Thinking back to SOLES Open House 2013

A blog post from SOLES Ambassador and MA in Counseling with specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Andrea Fessler: 
Each year the SOLES open house is far and away my favorite event to attend as a current student and ambassador. As potential new applicants explore the grounds and all that USD, and SOLES in particular has to offer, the intrigue and excitement is palpable. Moreover, I enjoy the opportunity to be a liaison between potential new students and the department and highlight the manner in which the department has supported my personal and professional pursuits over the past 2 years. While I often am pulled aside and asked for the “real deal” following the departure of faculty and staff, my answers always remain the same. One of the many unique and beautiful aspects of SOLES is encouragement from supervisors to be authentic. That said, I feel at liberty to disclose all facets of my experience, disappointments or shortcomings included. Most often I find myself noting that no program, academic or otherwise, can be a flawless experience for every individual. However, my experience has been one I take great pride and ownership in, and I proudly express that to others. Additionally, SOLES in unique in countless facets, and attracts an equally unique student population. Fit is everything. While I can tout countless wonderful opportunities unique to SOLES (i.e., international study opportunity), I can give no better advice to applicants than to trust your gut. Upon leaving our open house, I encourage you to ask yourself, “Does this feel like a fit for me?” Truly, the answer to this question will be important above all else.
Undoubtedly, each year USD and SOLES attracts an incredibly competitive and talented group of current and future professionals that will push and defy the limits previously set before them. They inevitably stretch the program to its fullest capacity as new niches are carved and partnerships made. The privilege of interacting with these applicants before they call SOLES home is one I take great pleasure in. The students I meet at open house are often the ones that push and motivate me a mere 9 months later as I come to call them my colleagues and we engage in this unique academic venture together. As yet another open house is upon us, I look forward to meeting this year’s potential applicants and future SOLES student body!
SOLES Fall Open House 2014 is on Saturday, Oct. 11th from 9:30am-1pm. To register, go to:

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