3 Benefits of Attending USD

DSC06177There are many reasons why I love USD! However, the following three reasons are why I selected USD over other graduate school programs.

  1. Class size: I went to Arizona State University for undergrad. It was an amazing experience but I didn’t get any individual attention. I knew who my professors were but they could barely keep us straight. I was just a number in a 400-person class. My professors didn’t know if I attended class, quit the program or went missing. While that did have its benefits on lazy days, I wasn’t held accountable. When I decided to go to graduate school, I knew I wanted a place where my professors knew my name, cared about my success and held me accountable. That is exactly what I have received from the professors in the CMHC program.
  2. USD’s campus: When I walked on the USD’s campus for the first time, I knew I could see me furthering my education there. The students were friendly and the campus took my breath away. The benefit of USD’s campus is that it is not over crowded, too big to walk around or confusing. Plus, it’s beautiful. If you are considering USD to continue your education, I would recommend spending time on campus, so you can see how amazing it truly is!
  3. San Diego: One of the main reasons I decided to go to USD was because it is in the middle of San Diego. San Diego is amazing because there are so many parts to it. No matter what kind of lifestyle you like to lead, San Diego has it! Downtown is amazing for city life. It is so clean and easy to drive around; it is perfect to live in or visit for a few hours. San Diego also has amazing beach towns. There are quiet beaches for relaxing in North County and fast-paced beach towns closer to USD. Whatever you are looking for, San Diego is the place for you!

If you are considering USD for graduate school, I would recommend spending a few days here to see the benefits of USD and San Diego.

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