November, Already?!

It’s November, and I can’t believe how fast this semester has passed! Yet, I am enjoying and growing in the three classes I’m taking here at USD. I’m preparing my proposal for my Action Research in EDUC 500 taught by Professor Inoue. That’s one of those classes in which you just have to bite the bullet and press on full force to accomplish setting the groundwork for research. Professor Inoue makes it fun though, his humor and relationship with the students allows it to be much more bearable. My other class that is really stretching me is EDUC 535 where Professor Buchinsky is definitely stretching us think like curriculum designers, assessors, and lesson planners (that’s pretty much the whole backwards design method too….I won’t charge you for that one). And I return again to a cognition and learning class, EDUC 510, with the return of Professor Inoue. That class would have to be my favorite because it’s small and the content is something that I was studying during my undergrad (look at my profile if you wish to find out more about me). So, yes grad school is work, it requires time, but one thing about USD is that it’s bearable and challenging. Those two words seem odd together, but that’s the beauty of mixing two dynamics here at school.
I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving break, well not exactly I have a lot of homework already that I know I need to do. Let me change that to Christmas break! I definitely need the break, and also I get to travel with the School of Leadership Studies here at USD to Guatemala for a few weeks in January. I seriously, have that trip in mind as a motivation factor to finish this semester strong. That’s my life here at USD, comments or concerns…please commence!
Happy Thanksgiving (almost)!
To learn more about the Curriculum and Instruction classes that Chris mentioned, follow the link…

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