Medium reflection (Carla Aguirre)

The way that you write is a direct reflection of what and how you want your message to be received, read, and understood. The types of mediums that we write in have transformed over hundreds of years, but the intent of each piece of work has remained unique no matter how similar they may seem. I believe that the type if medium that you write in determines how much effort and time you have to put into a piece of work. That being said, I do not think that there are forms of writing that are effortless, but some pieces might take more time, dedication, and effort than others.

In our readings and assignments we have encountered many different styles of writing and the medium that was used to express them. In the cases of Brown and Hurtado, their works were done for the revision and analysis of History in the media of writing for the purpose of a  history book. It is obvious that they had to put a lot of effort into the project because they put in so much information that they already knew to propose their arguments. But, everything was done to finish the book. In the case of Clark and Bronowski they also were writing for the purpose of arguing the unfolding of history but the media both men used was much more different and in my opinion, difficult. Clark and Bronowski had to put an immense amount of effort into finding all the right buildings, images, graphs, and words to but their work into a visual media and have enough content and information for a 13 hour long docu-series that would later be created into a book.

In my experience writing, each medium is unique and some are more difficult than others. When we used the Scalar program,I kept finding myself super frustrated or confused and I focused more on that at times that it would lead me to feel discouraged or frustrated so it takes me a longer time to be able to write my thoughts out. When we are writing online one programs like Microsoft word, Google Docs, or Word Press the programs are much more familiar and easy when it comes to formatting. Even writing on a piece of paper with pen or pencil is much easier because it is something that comes naturally.


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