A room of one’s own reflection (Aguirre)

Virginia Woolf’s ” A Room of One’s Own” was actually a very good read, I enjoyed her writing style and her way of conveying her message. Woolf was very eloquent in her style of writing but I realized that in some ways she tried to be a little messy because she wanted to reflect the style of writing that an unexperienced distracted young “Mary” would write. I think her message is really compelling while still being kinda blunt at the same time. I understand her argument for the requirements of having a room of ones own, especially one with a lock, and the £500 income but I think that there could be arguments to support having less or needing more in order to be a successful writer. You could argue that it takes more than just a room and a comfortable living situation, you also require the desire and passion to write and to have that work published. But, one can also argue that even if you don’t have the room and the money it could still be possible if you put the effort in and time that you could still get your work published.  I like how she focused on these two things, but her true commentary was about gender inequality. As far as she strays and brings in little stories and examples she always goes back to the fact that women are seen as second class citizens. Her whole argument is that the only way that women can experience their full potential they have to disconnect themselves from the society that pulls them back.



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