Following Peter Brown’s Example in Writing

The past, the present, and the future; 1492, a year that marked the history of the New World in the Western Hemisphere. The island of Puerto Rico was first stepped by an Italian man coming from Iberia, sponsored by the Spanish monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand; he was searching for status, fame, and power by finding a western ocean route to India with only three ships: la Nina, la Pinta y la Santa Maria, and approximately one hundred crewmen. A single man full of ideas, enthusiasm, boldness; he totally revolutionized life to how it was para los nativos; fearless, ferocious, unforgiving: Christopher Colombus. Chicken pox, measles, yellow fever, influenza, and smallpox made ninety percent of the native population perish; with the introduction of Christianity and its forced practice the path towards blood, injustices, and death was inescapably forged. Innovation, prosperity, success, life, although to some extent questionable, were in addition part of the Colombian Exchange; introduction of animals such as horses, pigs, cows, dogs and cats; crops never seen before like wheat, barley, and sugarcane became an essential part of the new and shared milieu. The inevitable mixture of human core values, traditions, and beliefs from two different worlds; the constant weight of the old but the undying hope of the new, fused together to  learn from history, but also live a new beginning.

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