Response on Kerry Dirk’s “Navigating Genres” by Maria F. Marmolejo Rubio

Ever since the beginning of times, us humans have gravitated towards separating and labeling ideas, people and beliefs. And as time passes by, our templets and pre- conceived ideas serve almost as a box where we separate into sections the data we gather in our daily lives. Likewise, In literature and writing we always divide the different writing styles and their purpose into genres.

According to Bitzer, genres start because there is a certain unasked question that triggers a response or an idea that has not been introduced before. If the response seems valid and effectively answers the question posed, that response almost becomes like a certain prototype. Furthermore, everybody else confronted by that same and reoccurring question is going to refer back to that first answer and respond in a similar way. That is how genres diverge from each other; each have a composition that require a different outlook, perspective, or they are trying to allude to a specific audience.

In addition, the creation of different genres have considerably made us be more precise and effective when writing papers, especially since no one would have the time to actually start a new genre every single time when posed a question. As we become more aware of the different genres rather than specify on a few, we gather the necessary information to effectively discern which situations and responses apply to each genre. Having a broad perspective in genres will definitely aid an individual in having a response for readings and questions not seen before since one already has the foundations.


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