My First Post – Nico Dennis

I grew up in Novato, California and was born in the foggy city of San Francisco. I graduated from Saint Marks middle school in Terra Linda and  went on to Marin Catholic high school but, after two years, transferred to my local public school and graduated from there. I wanted to come to the University of San Diego because of the gorgeous campus and incomparable location. It was my favorite school from the moment I stepped on campus and I am incredibly excited to be here.

I hope to develop more interest in writing than I previously had. I always dreaded receiving essay assignments in class but actually really enjoyed writing about certain topics. I look forward to developing my skills both in analysis and presentation of writing. I am also excited to delve into the concept of multimodal writing. I think this approach will bring a lot more relevance and application to a skill many students of my generation consider boring or pointless. I also think a more well rounded skill set in writing will help translate to so many other aspects of my life and will add to the toolset I can bring out into the real world.

One thought on “My First Post – Nico Dennis

  1. Nico, I noticed that no one commented on your post, so I decided to do so. First of all welcome to USD (and to FYW 150)! One of the skills we’ll be working on developing this semester is being reflective about our writing. Think about your reactions: What about past assignments made you dread them? Did the topics you enjoyed writing about have something in common? The better you are able to understand your own writing process (including your subjective emotional reactions to the experience), the better a writer you will be.
    Paul Evans