Peace Teacher at Lafayette Elementary School

Join the team at DC’s largest public elementary school as the Peace Teacher. At LES the Peace Teacher is one of the “Inner Core” or “specials” teachers along with Music, Art, PE, Library, Tech and Spanish. The Peace Teacher teaches approximately 25 classes per week in grades 2-5 using the Peace of Mind curriculum written by current Peace Teacher Linda Ryden and developed over 20 years at Lafayette Elementary School. Please visit for more information and background on the Peace of Mind curriculum.

Ideal candidates have a background in mindfulness, social emotional learning, social justice and excellent classroom management skills. The Peace of Mind curriculum includes a specific, research-supported, trauma sensitive and culturally responsive approach to teaching mindfulness to children. Previous experience with mindfulness is a plus. Adherence to the philosophy and practice of the specifically secular nature of teaching mindfulness is a requirement.

The Peace Teacher is technically a part-time DCPS position, although it is a full-time position at LES with the other half of the salary being paid for by the Home School Association. Part-time DCPS employees get full benefits. For more information please contact Linda Ryden at  or Lafayette Principal Carrie Broquard at

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