$10,000 in Teacher Scholarships

Teachers Test Prep, an education company that supports prospective teachers, is offering $10,000 through its 2023 “Pass the Torch” Teacher Scholarships program. Two $5,000 scholarships will be awarded: one to a student preparing to become an elementary school teacher and one to a student preparing to become a secondary school teacher. Unlike most scholarships, the money does not go toward tuition fees, but is instead intended for living expenses that financial aid typically does not cover.

Scholarship applicants are asked to submit a video telling the story of a teacher who had an impact on them and explaining what they learned from this teacher that they would like to pass on to their future students. This enables both aspiring educators and the broader community to reflect upon the difference that good teachers can make both in and outside the classroom.

Last year’s elementary education scholarship recipient, Marybeth Cabauy, aims to a create a more equitable future by helping impoverished girls around the world access education. Meanwhile, as a high school biology teacher, secondary education scholarship recipient, Ariana Afshari, intends to draw upon her own experiences of adversity to advocate for students who lack a stable home life and look to school for stability and support.

With today’s nationwide teacher shortages, Teachers Test Prep founder Robert Duncan believes it is essential we support aspiring educators and work hard to attract quality candidates to K-12 teaching: “Children need dedicated and inspiring teachers in order to succeed academically. Through these scholarships, we want to help ensure that great teachers end up in our schools.”

To qualify for the scholarships, applicants must be enrolled in a US teacher preparation program for the 2023-2024 academic year and be able to demonstrate financial need.

To learn more about the scholarships or to apply, visit: https://www.teacherstestprep.com/teacher-scholarships

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