USD TRIO Upward Bound Summer 2023 Instructor

USD TRIO Upward Bound is currently hiring instructors for this upcoming summer. We would welcome the opportunity to share this job posting with SOLES students. Please let me know how to best share this opportunity.
If you are interested in some additional experience, the USD TRIO Upward Bound program is hiring a new cohort of instructors for this summer.
USD TRIO Upward Bound Summer Instructor
They are hiring a new cohort of instructors in a variety of subjects: Math, Science, Public Speaking, and Electives.
Job Description: USD TRIO Upward Bound Summer Instructor
The Instructor is expected to teach at least two classes with 15-25 students each class, on-campus at the University of San Diego. Instructors will be expected to create their own syllabus with course goals and objectives. USD UB will provide previous summer program course syllabi for reference. Each course must reflect and be able to adapt to the unique needs of students. The instructor should make reasonable demands of students regarding daily assignments and final course requirements.
Time Commitment: June 20 – August 14, 2023
Compensation: Pay rate: $25 / hour, 20-25 hours per week, seasonal NBB (Monday – Thursday with paid prep time, two Saturdays required) Total compensation: $5,000

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