Emplopyment Opportunity – Intellectual Athlete

Intellectual Athlete is a youth mental fitness company founded on the idea that resilience needs to be experienced. IA’s approach is physiological rather than clinical. We utilize sport and play to accelerate heart rates and increase healthy stress levels, followed by controlled breathing techniques to help children calm themselves. Through iterative exercises, we reinforce breathwork until it becomes an instinctive response to stress.

IA instructors are current and former athletes, coaches and counselors who are passionate about mind body work and youth development.  Our curriculum integrates storytelling, free play, sport that escalates and de-escalates with breathwork and meditation. We anticipate that students will transition the skills they learn in our program into their daily lives.

We are recruiting grad students from the field of Education, Counseling, Kinesiology, Performance Psychology, Strength and Conditioning and Social work to power our efforts.  We first piloted Intellectual Athlete this past spring within San Diego Unified.  We are currently working in local schools in a variety of ways: Afterschool, Recess and in school small group work  and as teacher substitutes.

Job Type: Part-time, Internship, Contract

Pay: $60.00 – $80.00 per hour session with the opportunity to accrue credit hours

Please contact Sean@intellectualathlete.co for more information.

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