Therapy Opportunity for Students!

Hello USD grad students,
Whether you are gathering hours towards licensure, are under additional stress from the demands of school and practicum, or are noticing areas to grow personally as you learn about therapy in school, this can be an excellent time to seek your own treatment. I remember this time very well and that is why I am inspired to offer low fee ($75) counseling for current students and recent graduates of SOLES.
By alternative, you can also access low cost options through Open Path:
I have heard good things about that organization!
I am a proud alum (MFT class of 2009) and have been licensed as an LMFT since 2012. I was also privileged to teach the Systemic Treatment of Substance Abuse course at USD for 10 semesters before relocating to the Bay Area. As I am currently in Northern CA, our sessions would be held virtually through a HIPAA-compliant site called Doxy.
If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, you can reach me here or at (858) 869 5105. You can also find out more about my practice and approach at
Thanks so much,
Julie Kraft

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