Recruitment for the CA Dept. of Rehabilitation (DOR)

Information for recruitment for the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), Graduate Student Assistant. This is a paid in-person position, ideal for students needing internship hours in the following disciplines:

  1. Rehabilitation Counseling
  2. Special Education
  3. Educational Counseling
  4. Counseling and Guidance
  5. Career Counseling
  6. Mental Health Counseling
  7. Community Counseling
  8. School Counseling
  9. Professional Counseling

Other acceptable graduate disciplines are listed below, but keep in mind that aspects of Clinical counseling would not be available at the DOR.

  1. Clinical Psychology
  2. Counseling Psychology
  3. Educational Psychology
  4. Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
  5. School Psychology
  6. Forensic Psychology

Link to Job Posting: Graduate Student Assistant, JC 432454, San Diego

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