Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC)

Program Specialization Courses

Students in all counseling program areas complete courses designed to meet program requirements recommended by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) and the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). All students complete core and specialization courses specific to their areas of professional practice. The program requires the student to complete three terms of practicum or fieldwork in an approved setting related to the student’s career goal.

Clinical Contact Hours

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 700 clock hours of supervised practicum over three semesters. At least 240 clock hours of direct service during the three semesters of practicum, during the first semester a minimum of 100 hours/40 direct service hours with a minimum of 120 direct hours per practicum II/III, including experience in leading groups.

Clinical Instruction Benchmark Assessment (CIBA)

A Clinical Instruction Benchmark Assessment (CIBA) is utilized to assess readiness for practicum training and to provide candidates with personal and professional development feedback. CMHC CIBA Practicum Readiness Form

Capstone Research Project Defense

The Counseling Program utilizes a capstone research project defense as part of the assessment of student readiness to complete the program. The Research project defense requires that students complete a  research project in consultation with their advisor. The defense is a public presentation of the student’s research project and its findings. In addition to the presentation, each student is required to turn in a formal written ‘Research Brief’ project report. The Research defense is generally taken during the final semester of courses.

International Requirement

At SOLES, all masters and doctoral students participate in an international experience designed to support the growth of cultural competency. Our goal is to inform best practices in working with culturally diverse populations locally, nationally, and globally.  International experiences are approved by each student’s faculty advisor and can be credit based or non-credit based activities.

Program Plans

2024-25 CMHC 2 Year Program Plan

2024-2025 CMHC 3 Year Program Plan

2023-24 CMHC 2 Year Program Plan

2023-24 CMHC 3 Year Program Plan

2022-23 CMHC 2 Year Program Plan

2022-23 CMHC 3 Year Program Plan

2021-2022 CMHC 2 Year Program Plan

2021-2022 CMHC 3 Year Program Plan